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Contact Ocean Mortgage Company for all your real estate needs. Our brokers in San Diego serve clients throughout the Unites States.





Finding real estate that meets your needs
can be a stressful experience for many buyers.
The real estate brokers in San Diego at Ocean
Mortgage Company have a network of agents
available to assist clients throughout the United
States find the property that is right for them.
Whether you are searching for a home or a space for your business, our real estate brokers offer complete assistance to residential and commercial buyers.

Residential Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the best investments you can make toward achieving life-long financial security. However, choosing the right investment and home can be difficult. The search for the home of your dreams can be a lot easier with the help of our firm’s experienced real estate brokers. Competitive markets such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and other southern California cities can make home buyers feel frustrated and hopeless. Our real estate brokers can help you find a home in the right neighborhood that not only meets your needs, but is affordable. Whether you are a first time home buyer ready to start a family or a seasoned investor, Ocean Mortgage Company can assist you with every aspect of your purchase.

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate brokers have assisted clients in San Diego and throughout southern California find property that meets their business needs. We can assist you in negotiating the best deal possible for your purchase, to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. At Ocean Mortgage Company, we also provide lending services so we can help your transaction run as smoothly as possible.

Contact our real estate brokers in San Diego today. At Ocean Mortgage Company, we have a network of brokers available to assist clients across the United States with their residential and commercial real estate needs.

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